Cycle Mitochondrial Energy™ drink  has now completed all initial stages of R&D.

Designed to feed and replenish your cell’s energy cycles with Mito-Food, botanical adaptogens and catalyzing antioxidants, Cycle Mitochondrial Energy drink feeds your cellular energy cycles with essential fuel building blocks.

Cycle Mitochondrial Energy |  Benefits:

  • Superior Mental Performance & Focus Better and Longer
  • Fuels, Restores and Balances Cellular Energy Cycles
  • Supports Healthy Sleep and Recovery 
  • Supports Immune Function and Stress Resilience

Cycle Mitochondrial Energy is powered by proprietary, patented and clinically researched ingredients and technologies:

Mito-Food Apple Cider Vinegar | Amino Acid Complex – L-Theanine – Taurine – Citrulline – Carnitine – Choline | Malic Acid & Vitamin D

Botanical Adaptogens: Standardized Panax Ginseng extract | Ashwagandha root extract | Turmeric curcumin | Cordyceps mushroom fruiting body | Water soluble Alpinia galanga root

Catalyzing Performance Antioxidants: Synergized CoQ10 – PQQ – Astaxanthin Complex | Vitamin C & Zinc

Cycle is always: 0 caffeine – 0 sugar –  2 carbs –  10 calories

Cycle Mitochondrial Energy is the only caffeine-free, sugar-free sparkling tonic that gives you superior mental performance & balanced energy while repairing and restoring your cells for the day ahead.

Stay tuned for Cycle Bioenhanced™: a full-spectrum hemp mito-fueling sparkling drink — to keep you cool & calm while you create, dream and achieve the impossible.

Cycle Drinks are available for restricted preview at Natural Products  Expo West, March 6-9, 2019.